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Libya Amazigh raise the tone!

Libya Amazigh raise the tone!

The High Council of the Amazigh of Libya announced the withdrawal of the Libyan National Amazigh Congress General (Parliament) and indicated its rejection of Libyan institutions and decisions.

On 25 June 2013, the Libyan National Assembly (National General Congress) elects new head of an Amazigh Has Willul (Zouara) Nouri Bousahmein. The same day, AFP headlined Libya elected interim leader Amazigh, a title taken in principle by the press worldwide. It is so beautiful, from the AFP known for its hostility to the Amazigh issue (France's interests require), it is difficult not to suspect that there is "something fishy", as they say the other!

How else to explain the silence observed by the same AFP before an event of great importance occurred less than a month after? Yes, how to ignore the decision of the Imazighen of Libya to boycott the elections and the withdrawal of their representatives in the National Libyan General Congress?

On 10 July 2013, the High Council of the Libyan Amazigh (HCAL), established in January 2013 in Tripoli breaks the silence and announced the withdrawal of Amazigh representatives on the Libyan National General Congress (parliament) and indicated that Amazigh do not feel concerned by the Commission of sixty responsible for the drafting of the Constitution (see the statement of HCAL). This decision also means the non-recognition of the Amazigh national government and the Libyan General Congress. This is simply the divorce between Amazigh and pseudo-institutions in Libya.

The decision comes after several months of discussions where the Amazigh have been patient and have made enormous efforts to create a successful and intelligent dialogue with members of Congress and various Libyan political forces. They do not seem to be able to understand the language of wisdom and rationality. Therefore, patience Amazigh have reached its limits and they will certainly be forced to make the language of force seems to be the favorite of the Libyan Arab isamistes who do not hide their hostility to the Amazigh language heard.

In January 2013, the HCAL warned. He announced loudly at the National General Congress seat even in the presence of its President, the Constitution only eligible for approval Imazighen is that the Libyans will recognize as equal in all rights and ensure their protection. They did not fail to also know that Constitution deny the Amazigh will not enjoy the approval of Amazigh as well as any institution from such a constitution stating that they will obey any authority that will result from these institutions. Non-members of the National Amazigh Congress general have certainly not taken seriously the statements of these supposedly "docile" and only concerned about "supreme interests" of Libya Amazigh, including its "unity"!

If the decision to grant Amazigh only two seats in the sixty sixty Commission responsible for drafting the next Libyan Constitution was not to the liking of members of the High Council of the Amazigh of Libya, it is the general attitude of members of Congress and their various daily tricks to fool Imazighen in order to marginalize the Amazigh has grown weary HCAL members who have decided to adopt a different attitude. This decision is binding on all HCAL Amazigh civil society represented by local councils, civil society and human rights organizations but also local military councils in the territories of the Libyan Amazigh.

It is true that since the release of the Libyan despot Gaddafi, the Amazigh have shown great patience and have expressed their willingness to work to make Libya a space where different components can live in intelligence in respect mutual. They had the patience to explain pragmatically the legitimacy of the Amazigh in Libya and the need for all to recognize the Amazigh they see as a prerequisite for the establishment of peace and state in Libya. They showed how much they are committed to democracy, respect for human rights and the establishment of a modern and respectful of all human state. They had to organize several events and gathering place for the Amazigh question. The success of these events have attracted thousands of people shows how democratic culture is rooted in the Amazigh society. Even when they have been subjected to provocations including officials in charge of the transition; this is the case, for example Moustapha Abdouldjalil who accused Imazighen collaborate with hostile foreign forces in Libya on Libyan television Awalan Libya, November 28, 2011, they were able to stay calm and always adopt the voice of reason and wisdom.

Have they been underestimated by those who want to seal the future of Libya? Yet it is no secret to anyone that the Amazigh perfectly mastered the language of arms. Yet! Are they not the liberators of Tripoli? France had she not understand that only those "warriors" Amazigh mountains were able to dislodge Gaddafi Tripolitanian his palace? And it is only this belief that guided the choice of France for dropping weapons in the Berber mountains in June 2011.

It is this ability to use the language of force that the Amazigh are called today to hear that their efforts to prove fruitless dialogue. Because they can not afford any back. Could they afford to betray the blood of those who died during the war against the dictator Gaddafi and his regime for the future is different and for an end to the humiliation for centuries? Also, Imazighen can not afford to pay the costs of the policy of some of their representatives especially within Libyan institutions naivete, much less be victims scheming of those among them who engage in compromise and collaboration with those fighting Amazigh. Is it possible to waive the commitments made in the Declaration of Local Councils January 12, 2013 in Tripoli? No, no!

Today, and in general through Tamazgha, as Azawad Amazigh can not do without a show of force by which they will restore their natural and historic rights and put an end to the humiliation hanging over them. And it turns out that the Amazigh of Libya as their brothers Tuareg of Azawad, which are now at the forefront of Amazigh combat, and are best placed to do well off this inevitable conquest identity. They still have the weapons they brought down the Gaddafi regime does not have the right to deny this release which depends on their willingness to go after the battle. These weapons were used in the liberation of Libya from Gaddafi's humiliation will be used for total liberation and access Imazighen their freedom and dignity. Imazighen of Libya does not have the right to fall into the trap of having the wear and cunning of those with whom they think they can build a future of dignity and freedom whose only concern is the eradication of Amazigh.

In any event, the statement of HCAL dated July 10, 2013 marks a turning point in the struggle of the Amazigh of Libya certainly take another dimension.

Masin Ferkal

Source: Tamazgha.fr, with whom ActuKurde has a partnership agreement in the international circle of news sites, created at the initiative of 7Seizh to acquaint Breton news of other peoples without condition.

- See more at: http://www.actukurde.fr/actualites/505/en-libye-les-amazighs-haussent-le-ton.html#sthash.sYUFWegK.dpuf

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