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Turkish anarchists to the aid of Kurdish people

Kobanê (Ain Al-Arab) became an abscess that confront both worlds: progressive, secular and revolutionary forces on one side, religious fanatics another. ---- For several days at the Syrian-Turkish border, the city is Kobanê besieged by the forces of the Islamic State (Daech).

Kobanê is a strategic bolt. if the city falls, the whole Syrian Kurdistan is threatened, and with it a model political and social, that of "democratic autonomy" and "confederalism democratic "built since July 2012 ---- More than 100,000 inhabitants and residents have réfugié.e.s on Turkish territory. ---- See: the photo essay on Lemonde.fr. http://www.lemonde.fr/europe/visuel/2014/09/25/en-images-tensions-a-la-frontiere-turque_4493564_3214.html ----

The city is defended by popular protection units (YPG), militias linked to PKK, and in which the majority are fighting the Kurds, but also Arabs, Turks, Muslims, Yazidis, Christians or atheists, uni.es against fanatics Daech. Kobanê, abscess Thousands of young people, socialists, trade unionists, revolutionary, feminist, Libertarians have flocked from all over Turkey to Kobanê.

They and they go there to support the réfugié.e.s and defend the city. The Turkish army tries to disperse them, as she is accused of being much more permissive with the jihadists who are trying, too, to pass the border join Daech.

The tense exodus of Kurds to Turkey by lemondefr http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x268zn2_l-exodus-tense-of-Kurdish-toward-turquie_news

Despite the dams of the Turkish army, hundreds of activists and militants managed to cross the border. Among them, the comrades of the Revolutionary Anarchist Action Group, who made the trip to Istanbul to join the defense of Kobanê, and sent these photos. Kobanê became an abscess that confront both worlds: the forces progressive, secular and revolutionary one hand, the religious fanatics on the other.

Saturday, September 27, 15 pm, Place de la Republique in Paris, rally to the call of the Federation of Kurdish Associations France (FEYKA)

https://www.facebook.com/pages/FEYKA-F%C3%A9d%C3%A9ration-des-Associations-Kurdes-de-France/1398668417058368?fref=ts to support combattant.e.s of Kobanê. Any supportive presence is welcome. photo report Action revolutionary anarchist group, came to reinforce the defense of Kobanê. _________________________________________________

Turkish anarchists to the aid of Kurdish people
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