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Gaza: silence kills, misinformation accomplice

We publish in the form of platform [1], a document signed by several researchers, intellectuals, and the Secretary General of the European Federation of Journalists. This text was written in Belgium and addressed primarily to Belgian media, but no press titles solicited has wanted to publish it. He also denounces identifiable in the French media mechanisms (Acrimed). What are the results of the Israeli operation "Protective Border" three weeks after the agreement of a ceasefire? It is with bitterness, indignation, but also concerned that we wonder about the media coverage of the tragedy in Gaza. By - consciously or not - to use expressions commonly acquired, the press is guilty of disinformation.

We, Belgian and European citizens, blame the majority of the media to apply - deliberately or not - the policy of "two weights, two measures" when it comes to addressing these horrific events. So talk of "war" is it okay when the conflict is between David to Goliath? History attests that we are facing a crackdown against a colonial population in resistance to the occupiers. We are appalled by the depiction of a "conflict" in which oppressors and oppressed are equal. The principle of "equidistance" he has some sense in a confrontation between the Israeli army - considered the fifth most powerful army in the world - to Palestinian rockets, mostly craft?

It is not here to blame the media talk about "both sides" but their systematic representation, all in the name of "equidistance" operations of each other. This approach creates in the reader, listener or viewer a sense of equality between the protagonists. Thus, Palestinian rockets, which for nearly 87% are intercepted, come to be presented as the equivalent of tanks, drones, F16s, helicopters and missiles latest and Israeli. 1.7 million Gazans, they, have no Iron Dome ... They know by against a population density greater than that of Bangladesh of 365 km2 (half the size of the Belgian coast). This density allows us to appreciate the true value of the propagandist leitmotif of "human shields" by Hamas and Israel's claim to stick to "surgical strikes."

We denounce this alleged gender protagonists, reinforced by a purely event processing most often in the news. We must remember that the Gaza Strip was occupied in 1967 and besieged since the coming to power of Hamas, there is 7 years. Since the entire population pays the price: surrounded by sea, land and air for "poorly chosen", they say, its leaders. It has often been said, "Gaza is an open air prison." This explains why the UN still considers the territory to be under occupation. Neither emergency exit or safe location. Not even in hospitals or schools. In this oppressive atmosphere, any attempt at Palestinian uprising is presented as "terrorist activity" by journalists who are doing well mouthpiece of Israeli propaganda. Need we recall that the UN resolutions and resolution 37/43 mainly legitimize armed struggle against colonial domination? Too often, our media have only Hamas as a "radical Islamist" movement, never as a national liberation movement, triggering so Pavlovian reflex of fear and rejection.

This is the removal of three young found dead in the occupied West Bank that Israel is systematically presented as the trigger of hostilities between Israel and Gaza. Hamas accused without proof of abduction that has seen hundreds of its activists arrested and local officials. Despite the humiliation and the daily hardships faced by Gazans, it was only after the arrests that the first large rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. The first Hamas since 2012 ... It is also eliminating, July 7, seven Hamas fighters that led it to believe that the cease-fire with Israel, negotiated in November 2012 and committed each party not to conduct military operations against the other, was broken.

The aims of the "Edge Protector" Israeli operation are being totally discredited: carry out attacks "legitimate retaliation" to eradicate the rockets. Now we know that it is the Israeli military operations that generate more rockets and are therefore of Israeli victims. The circle is complete, the vicious circle installed. Israel says it wants to stop the violence against its citizens, but, paradoxically contribute to the cause.

We acknowledge most of the media to manipulate public opinion by presenting Hamas as "the organization did not accept the truce" or "who constantly violates." And therefore does not protect its civilians. Recall that the first proposal for a cease-fire was discussed between the Israeli government and the Egyptian government led by Marshal Al-Sisi, a staunch opponent of Hamas. Can you imagine negotiating a truce if all parties are not present in the discussions or if none of the conditions requested by the representatives of the Palestinian people has been raised?

Media compare the statistics of dead Palestinian civilians in those Israeli soldiers killed. Comparison shameful. Other media cultivate the fear of "jihadists" Belgian and French went to fight in Syria, but save the image of the other Belgian or French conscripted into the Israeli army of occupation.

This media approach, this blatant statement of sympathy for Israel first prove distressing and lead us to wonder about the foundations of a "cultural osmosis" with that state, while the latter tramples consistently democratic principles and international law . "Protecting Border" has done more than 2,100 Palestinian casualties, including 500 children.

We, readers, listeners, and Belgian and European viewers, accusing a section of the press, misinformation when it comes to dealing with war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza and the occupied Palestine. Governments through the population, the entire society depends on the fourth power, the media, to form their own opinions. So far, the essential investigative journalism work has often been lacking. Under the guise of neutrality, many media misinform. They go and make us complicit in the tragedy of Gaza. As stated Desmond Tutu "remain neutral to injustice is to choose the side of the oppressor." - Anissa Amjahad - Doctor of Political and Social Sciences (ULB) - Frank Barat - Activist and author - Sébastien Boussois - Doctor of Political Science - François Burgat - Political scientist, Aix-en-Provence - Paul Delmotte - Retired professor of international politics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Communication - Ricardo Gutiérrez - General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists - Imane Nachat - student in the final year of Master in Communication Science - VUB - Julien Salingue - Researcher in Political Science

Gaza: silence kills, misinformation accomplice
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