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World Cup football foul soup of capital!

World Cup football foul soup of capital!

Communiqué of July of Garap group (Action Group for the Reconstruction of the Proletarian Autonomy), concerning the World Cup football.

eadable section on their website: http://garap.org/communiques/communique30.php

or pdf format here: http://garap.org/pdf/communiques/comm30-fifa.pdf

"Brazil, make an effort for a month, calm down! Pay tribute to this beautiful World Cup. We went to Brazil to make them happy. I said the last time we go to Brazil, it is as if Muslims were in Mecca, Christians in Rome and the Jews in Jerusalem.
That's exactly right, to go to the World Cup in Brazil. That's why everyone is happy to go to the World Cup in Brazil. Well, Brazilians, they must put themselves in the idea of ​​receiving tourists from around the world and, for a month, they make the truce. No confectioners, but they make a truce. We must tell the Brazilians that they have the World Cup and they are there to show the beauty of their country and their passion for football. If they can wait at least a month before making social outbursts, it would be good for the whole of Brazil and world football. "

Michel Platini, UEFA president and candidate for the presidency of FIFA.

What is FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)?

FIFA is a non-profit organization founded in 1904 in Paris, which currently includes 208 National Federations. Its headquarters is located since 1932 in Zurich, Switzerland. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930 and was established by Jules Rimet (member of Christian Democracy, Social Catholicism). The founding ideas of FIFA are inspired by the social doctrine of the Church (the common good, human dignity, subsidiarity, solidarity).

Since 1998, the President of FIFA Joseph "Sepp" Blatter (who is also a member of the International Olympic Committee), the controversial frankly reactionary ideas:

He said that the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, was "a form of public reconciliation, the Argentine people, the political system, which was then a military system." The competition took place despite calls to boycott France, while the country was under the yoke of the bloody regime of General Videla.

In 2010, he calls homosexuals to "refrain from any sexual activities" during the World Cup Soccer 2022 (held in Qatar, a country where Islam, considering homosexuality as a sin, is the religion of state).

Speaking of footballers Sepp Blatter assumes no problem its machismo: "Why not dress in more feminine outfits, such as volleyball players? ". "They could, for example, have tighter shorts. "

The General Secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke holds also to spare his place on the roll of provocative good reaction: "I'll say something crazy, but a lower level of democracy is sometimes better to organize a World Cup . When a strong man at the head of a State may, as perhaps can do Putin in 2018, it is easier for us, the organizers, with a country like Germany, where he be negotiated at various levels. "

The reactionary incontinence of Sepp Blatter or Jerome Valcker no exception to this informal rule that the leaders of the major sporting bodies such as FIFA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are derived and / or serve the economic spheres and the most undemocratic policies.
Pierre de Coubertin, the great moralist of the sport, already incensed Hitler Olympic games. He also said that "sport produces a more open with relatives of the aristocracy hierarchical values ​​elite."
The Chair ruled that the longer the IOC was Antonio Samaranch (1980-2001), a prominent member of the Francoist Party, responsible for years of repression in Catalonia. To return to the presidency of FIFA, let us remember that Joao Havelange, Blatter's predecessor was none other than the Brazilian dictatorship racketeer, a public friend of Argentine torturers (Admiral Lacoste), a seller of weapons Banzer himself junta leader in Bolivia.

It is therefore logical that the rednecks in suits who organize major sporting events worldwide take their unapologetic penchant for dictatorial regimes and a blind eye to the systematic state violence against people that their business causes (OJ Beijing 2008 World Cup in South Africa in 2010 Olympics in Sochi in Putin last winter, now the World Cup of Soccer in Brazil in 2016 Olympics in Brazil also, the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022).

Openly reactionary current FIFA president positions are not surprising either when analyzing even briefly occupied the central function sport, and football in particular, in the capitalist ideological arsenal. Competitions, in addition to conveying the infamous cult of performance, make calls to nationalism, chauvinism rooted among proletarians ready to bark their stupor when "his" team beat another. This function may also be inevitable without the tremendous economic scale sporting events such as the World Cup, the FIFA collects its own colossal profits.

Some data to measure the considerable economic burden of FIFA and the juicy profits from the World Cup for this institution and its partners.

Today, the cash reserves of the FIFA $ 1.4 billion.
The turnover of the FIFA 2013 is 988 million euros, net earnings were $ 52.2 million for the same year.
Over the period 2007-2010, if we take all the activities related to the World Cup South Africa, FIFA has a surplus of 2.375 billion dollars, not counting the gate receipts. The bulk of these resources from broadcasting rights (2.408 billion dollars) and marketing (1.072 billion dollars).
Key members of its executive committee earn over a million a year.
The example of Coca-Cola in the overall business of the World Cup:

Coca-Cola plans to invest $ 7.6 billion in Brazil between 2012 and 2016 to develop its brand and expand its distribution network. It already holds 27% of the soft drinks market, estimated at $ 43 billion in 2013 and expected to grow by 6% by 2017, according to analyst firm Trefis. For a month, the beverage giant intends to deploy a charm offensive around its brands: teas (Gold Peak and Honest), fruit juice (Minute Maid), energy drinks (Nalu Energizer and Aquarius), water (Dasani) and classical (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite).

About 300 million Coca-Cola products and Coca-Cola Zero will the image of the World. The group will offer sporting goods, bracelets connected. And there will even be a Coca-Cola anthem in support of a slogan, "the movement is happiness."
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World Cup football foul soup of capital!
Comment la FIFA dépense son argent :

Interpol has FIFA finance:

"Fifa has signed in 2011 a check for 20 million over ten years to combat match-fixing. In November 2012, the Committee of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has awarded a grant of $ 10 million to Interpol. Two instances however challenged by several European media in the case of "Qatargate" "

that reveals probable cases of corruption in the awarding of the World Cup in Qatar. "And it is no coincidence as the game of musical chairs is the operation of FIFA and its policing partners:

"In his Fifa Mafia, which describes the opacity of the International Federation of Football investigative book, German journalist Thomas Kistner evokes a whole chapter on the partnership with Interpol. It reveals that several former executives Interpol are placed today in key positions in FIFA or Qatar. Thus, Ralf Mutschke named director of security at Fifa in June 2012, is a former director of Interpol services. In Fifa, he succeeded Chris Eaton, himself a former manager of operations at Interpol, Qatar party as an expert in security and integrity in sport. As for the former vice president of Interpol for America (2003-2006), Michael Garcia, he is now head of the ethics committee of FIFA. Called independent commission, in charge of investigating the investigation into the award of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. "
FIFA is run by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, elected by the Congress in the year following the World Cup, 8 vice-presidents and 15 members, appointed by the confederations and associations. General Secretariat of the FIFA is assisted by 25 standing committees and two judicial bodies. The finance committee of FIFA is composed of:

Julio Grondona (Chairman of the Committee, president of the Argentine Football Association)
Issa Hayatou (Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Confederation of African Football)
David Chung (Chairman of the Confederation of Oceania football)
Jeffrey Webb (CONCACAF President, Director of Fidelity Bank in the Cayman Islands)
Marios Lefkaritis (Vice-President of the Executive Committee of UEFA, Board Member since 1971 Lefkaritis Group Petrolina Petrolina Holdings ltd ltd and Cyprus)
Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa (President of the Asian Football Federation, member of the royal family of Bahrain).
Bahrain and the Cayman Islands are on the gray list of tax havens by the OECD. Cyprus is an offshore financial center and is part of the countries with strong bank secrecy. All members of the committee are present in the Executive Committee of FIFA. We can easily understand the role played by these bourgeois.

Corruption and conflict of interest

FIFA and its leaders are regularly under the influence of corruption charges whenever proven. The award of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is a concrete example:

"In the fourth ballot, Qatar had won before the United States by fourteen votes against eight. A key point in recent months, Sepp Blatter has managed so that everyone knows who voted for whom, while this type of voting is supposed to be secret. We know for example that the President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Michel Platini, has brought his vote in Qatar, a move that has pleased the then French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, notoriously close interest Qatari (just look at the shareholding of the companies represented at the famous Fouquet's evening following his election in 2007). We also know that Michel Platini and Nicolas Sarkozy have dinner together, accompanied by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Prince of Qatar shortly before the election. It is right in "direct political influence" Sepp Blatter denounced by this summer.
The three African voters also had to support the emirate for they had little recognition of the stomach: weekly France Football revealed that Qatar has generously sponsored a number of events of the African Confederation, as the Congress January 2010 in Angola. Especially, five voters since been overtaken by business or suspicions of corruption. Among them, the Qatari Mohammed bin Hammam, once credible opponent Sepp Blatter to head of Fifa and disbarred for life by the body because of ethics "repeated violations."
Still according to the weekly sports, voting Cyprus, Marios Lefkaritis, was linked - via Petrolina Holdings (trade liquefied gas) and Lefkaritis & Hassapis Kimonas Developers Ltd. (real estate) - with Qatari sovereign wealth funds in its own affairs. "

World Cup, Attila the service of transnational

FIFA is not a sports association. It is also an economic war machine in preparation for and during the World Cup acquires prerogatives which replace those of the state organizer of the event, whose sovereignty is thus provisionally confiscated. There is then a calibration of the legislative arsenal, regulatory and law enforcement according to the requirements set by FIFA and behind transnational partners.

March 28, 2012, after a long parliamentary battle, the Brazilian government has finally accepted the Lei Geral da Copa implemented by FIFA. The "General Law of the Cup"

- Imposes holidays host cities during the games of the team of Brazil

- Reduces the number of places and increases their prices

"FIFA wants to fully control the issuance and pricing of tickets. It therefore calls for the lifting of certain provisions of the Code of Consumer Protection, which allows students and people over 60 years to receive a half-price on sporting events. Ticket prices up to $ 900, which is almost double the average monthly salary, Brazilians feel not to be invited to their own party "
- Allow alcoholic beverages in stadiums

"To avoid overflows spirits heated, the Brazilian authorities had banned alcohol in sports venues by establishing a general law on the status of the fan in 2003.
But in 2012, the interests of FIFA and its partner Budweiser took over, getting Brasilia partial suspension of the law. Thus, Budweiser and Bud Zero beers, but also Brahma and Brahma Zero (...) began to be sold at the Arena Corinthians Sao Paulo.
All these trademarks are the global leader in the Belgian-Brazilian beer AB Inbev. Its Budweiser has signed on as sponsor of the World Cup 2022 for an estimated several million dollars annually. "
- Tax-exempt and tax burdens companies working for the Cup, including those who are renovating or building stages.

General law prohibits the sale of any goods in "places of official competition (Article 11), in their immediate environment and their main access routes"; "Penalizes bars trying to broadcast matches or promote certain brands" (Article 23).

- Considers federal crime to damage the image of FIFA or its sponsors as well as the so-called "ambush or intrusion" that would use without authorization any image linked to competition and football in general advertising.

To apply as soon as possible sanctions - from fines to terms of two years in prison - FIFA wants to impose special courts for the World Cup.

For information, FIFA has only paid 1 million dollars in taxes in 2010, which corresponds to 0.004% of its net income in 2010, as it is considered a non-profit organization, which is based more Switzerland.

The official FIFA partners are:
Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Emirates, Sony, Visa

The sponsors of the FIFA World Cup are:
Budweiser, Castrol, Continental, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, Moypark, Oi, Yingli

National supporters in Brazil are:
Apexbrasil, Centauro, Garoto, Itaù, Liberty Seguros, wiseup, Fifa.com, Football for Hope

The Brazilian case: Plague / underworld football unmasked the country of football

For decades, we know, or can know, the plethora of abuses which engages capitalism on the occasion of the World Cup Football. But with this umpteenth appointment trade event has been upstaged by a deep popular anger. The heart of the myth football, Brazil, became the scene of his collapse. The raw truth springs, never to be erased, the brutal conflict between, on the one hand the interests of capitalists (State and employers) footballisés momentarily, and the other the vast majority of the population.

World Cup 2014 takes place in a country in crisis. After experiencing a growth rate of around 5% during the 2000s, the Brazilian economy (most promising BRICS) is in recession since mid-2013.
According to the World Bank, a Brazilian five lives below the poverty line. Social inequalities are glaring and grow. According to the OECD, 10% of the richest Brazilian earn 50 times more than the poorest 10%. In Europe, the wealth gap is 1 to 5; Brazil is from 1 to 100. 80% of Brazilian urban being, these differences are very visible.

A model of "socialization of costs and privatization of profits"

Cost of the World Cup: $ 11 billion (twice more than expected).

"In Brazil, while the estimated operating budget of 800 million euros was programming expenditure, mainly at the expense of private according to the Government, the costs already exceed 2.6 billion, and the slate will be mainly controlled by the taxpayer as for investments, "78% of infrastructure spending for the World Cup in 2014, estimated at $ 18 billion [13 billion], are financed by the public sector"


The tournament benefits and profits will be pocketed by adjacent commercial FIFA and multinationals, the Brazilian government will not receive any financial return on investment. Large companies that locate wherever they appear, plunder and ravage the local population the environment are constantly outsource their costs (to bear a part of the production to third parties, subcontractors or States ) and privatize profits while losses are socialized. The state expands its public debt, it adds to its budget without even meet the needs of education, health, housing, transport or agriculture.

The government expenditure devoted include the construction or renovation of stadiums. Structures to be underemployed or unused after the World Cup. These costs are all the more shocking that Brazil to pay cash on the nail debt, proceeds from long privatizations and other budget cuts in health, education, environment, infrastructure reproduction but also agrarian reform.

The Brazilian government spending for infrastructure and government simultaneously enacted tax exemption measures for the automotive industry and the movement of goods and services relating to the competition: the shortfall amounted to € 200 million for acquisition of raw materials, and € 9 billion for the automotive industry. These exemptions decided just to bend to the desires of the FIFA sufficient to pay the expenditure for stadiums!

Party ... of social cleansing by the militarization of the country

The Brazilian state generalizes the militarization of the country. The "pacifying police units" paramilitary methods terrorize the population of favelas. "The Government supports an" anti-terrorism ", to Amnesty International believes" undermines freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. "

He wants to legalize the arrest of trade unionists and leaders of social movements Managers who resist; the same prohibition of strikes is considered ...

The police and army (170,000 employees, including 57,000 military) occupy the favelas and more than 170 000 families were left homeless, evicted without being relocated. Analyzes speak for themselves:

"All methods were used: create a climate of fear in the neighborhoods, blackmailing and psychological pressures on families to give up their home at ridiculous prices, land grabbing, evictions without rehousing, police violence on those and those that resist displacement in dangerous or isolated urban areas! During the event, the "cleansing" of cities is announced: that all men and women who live on the streets by referring to tens of kilometers. Must make the invisible poverty! ".
Anyone seen even peacefully against the World is considered a terrorist.

Brazilian proletarians want burst the balloon burst under penalty of his fault!

Repeated strikes, demonstrations, increasingly violent shake Brazil for over a year. This challenge was becoming more radical and extending in the cities where matches are held. The repressive forces are ubiquitous to avoid overflow:

"Security scheme Cup is divided into three areas," the defense [stages] by the armed forces, public security by the federal police and surveillance, coordinated by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin). At beyond a reinforcement of 10,000 men, there are 2,500 marines [...] transport police, municipal police and firefighters'

"Airspace, maritime and strategic structures such as refineries will also be protected by the armed forces for the duration of the competition."
Nine workers died in construction sites of stadiums. Workers staged strikes:

"Some private workers have staged strikes and best known of them was that of the Maracana. Their claims are legitimate because they are used for temporary work. Apart from that, their housing conditions are precarious, medical assistance is deducted from their salary, there is a disparity in wages and a lack of security. They say that the pace of work is exhausting, because the construction of these works is a race against the clock. They also face problems with union representatives, who are not very reliable.
But the strength of the movement is such that they often get partial victories. A similar situation is repeated in other economic enterprises. "
Employees Metro Sao Paulo have been on strike for several days to finally get crushed by political pressures and union capitulation to a few hours of the launch of the Cup:

"After a first movement of five days had wreaked havoc in the metropolis of 20 million people, the subway workers voted for the non-renewal of the strike despite the inflexibility of the authorities to their request for reinstatement 42 employees dismissed strikers. "We face a very powerful government and we have paralyzed the largest city in Latin America. We obtained increases [salary] important, but we decided to stop according to our limits, "said the union president, Altino Melo dos Prazeres. "

If need be, through these events, the ruling Workers' Party in Brazil shows its true face of allegiance to the will of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat exploiter. The "footage" of mouth is full when we know that the tasks of the FIFA is "building a better future for all through football."

A documentary on the subject, too, here: http://wedontlikesamba.wordpress.com/

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