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The PKK is ready to actively fight in Iraq EIIL

2014-06-11 4:11:29 p.m.

Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) said that the Kurdish guerrillas is ready to actively combat "armed gangs" of EIIL alongside Iraqi Kurdistan Peshmerga.

Co-chair of the Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK), the PKK's political system, said in a statement that Kurdistan is facing a new threat after the fall of Mosul by "armed gangs" of the State Islamic Iraq and the Levant (EIIL).

"The achievements of Kurdistan are now exposed to an open threat. But Kurdistan is not helpless. The guerrillas of Kurdistan has enough power to respond in all conditions, attacks by armed gangs of EIIL. She is ready to actively fight for listed peshmerga to defend our people and Kurdistan South (Iraqi Kurdistan), "said co-chair of the KCK.

KCK said that recent attacks have shown once again the need to build Kurdish national unity, calling on all Kurdish organizations to work together for a national conference of Kurdistan.

Fighting the Turkish army, the second NATO army for 30 years, Kurdish guerrillas is now a major force in the Middle East, after demonstrating an invincible resistance.

Kurdish fighters are also the only force that has managed to break the attacks EIIL and those of other radical groups against the Kurdish region of Syria. Thousands of "jihadists" including emirs have been killed since the beginning of 2013 by fighters Units Defence of the People (YPG) Kurdish army composed of men and women.

Syrian Kurdish fighters also said in a statement they were ready to defend the Iraqi Kurdistan against attacks by "armed gangs". "We are fighting for over a year and a half these ultra-radical groups. We gained a lot of experience in this and our resistance fighters have shown a legendary courage," said the YPG.

"We declare that our soldiers are ready to fight gangs to listed our people of South Kurdistan. We are also ready to send military experts."

Wednesday, June 11, members of the EIIL attacked a military base belonging to the peshmerga in the village of Salamiyé in the province of Mosul. The village is located on the border with the Syrian Kurdistan, specifically in front of the city Jazaa, released in February 2014 by soldiers of the YPG, after an operation against the EIIL, forehead Al-Nosra and group Ahrar al-Sham.

When fighting broke out between the Peshmerga and the EIIL, Syrian Kurdish fighters have sent reinforcements to support the peshmerga. Many fighters EIIL were killed in the fighting, according to local sources.

While Iraqi forces retreating without fighting against the "jihadists", Kurdish fighters strengthen their defense and take abandoned by the army to prevent the advance of the "jihadists" who regularly commit war crimes and crimes positions against humanity.

Iraqi soldiers also deserted during the night of June 9 to 10 positions on the border post Rabia, located in front of the Kurdish town of Tall Kocher (Al Yaroubia) in Syrian Kurdistan.

Kurdish fighters YPG fighting for over a year and a half of jihadists EIIL Syrian Kurdistan took abandoned by the Iraqi army until 1km inside the border positions for defend the region, while many Iraqi soldiers fell in the Kurdish region, under the control of fighters YPG.









the EIIL



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Syrian Kurdistan: the jihadists suffered heavy lossesDozens of members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) were killed by Kurdish fighters in the region of Kobani, Syrian Kurdistan. This is the most violent fighting for several months.

Syrian Kurdistan is its agricultural revolutionKurdish revolution in Syria presents itself as a democratic model for the fundamental problems of the entire region.

Syrian Kurdish fighters entering Iraq to fight the 'jihadists'Iraqi Army lost control of the city of Mosul against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) guilty of war crimes armed group.

Syrian Kurdistan: It y'avait children among 15 civilians executed (AI)Amnesty International has called on the Security Council of the United Nations to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of the situation in Syria after the summary execution of 15 civilians including children ISIS Syrian Kurdistan.

Syria: Kurds do not voteKurdish Kurdistan Western officials said they will not allow the regime of Bashar al-Assad opened its polling in the Kurdish region in the presidential elections scheduled for June 3

- See more at: http://www.actukurde.fr/actualites/656/le-pkk-est-prt-a-combattre-activement-leiil-en-irak.html#sthash.ANncqtui.dpuf

Syrian Kurdistan: the jihadists suffered heavy losses

2014-07-06 11:20:12

Dozens of members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) were killed by Kurdish fighters in the region of Kobani, Syrian Kurdistan. This is the most violent fighting for several months.

The clashes erupted when armed groups EIIL launched a massive attack against the village of Zor Makhar, 35 km west of Kobani July 2.

Known for massive crimes against humanity and war crimes, these "jihadists" have used heavy weapons including tanks and shells, transported from Iraq, where a large area fell almost without a struggle at the hands of EIIL . Several former officers of Saddam Hussein coordinate attacks.

At least 130 members EIIL were killed in the first three days of fighting, according to the People's Defense Units (YPG) Kurdish army composed of men and women. Two tanks and several military vehicles belonging to EIIL were destroyed during the clashes in which fifteen Kurdish fighters were killed.


On July 4, the Kurdish authorities have decreed general mobilization in the region of Kobani. On July 5, a major operation was launched by Kurdish fighters in homage to fifteen fighters. The Basics of EIIL located in the villages of al-Jib Faraj al-Djidadi, Kharab and Ato Ziyaret, west of Kobani, were targeted as part of this operation. One hundred members EIIL were killed, while ten vehicles were destroyed, according to sources close to the YPG.


The Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK), which has been fighting for over 30 years against Ankara declared its full support for the resistance of the peoples of Syrian Kurdistan. One of the top commanders of the PKK, Murat Karayilan, said the region Kobani is the smallest of the three cantons of Syrian Kurdistan, declared in January 2014.

Region Kobani is primarily the home of the Kurdish revolution in Syria, launched in July 2012. These new attacks occur on the second anniversary of the revolution.

"The EIIL wants to invade Western Kurdistan from Kobani. For four months, the area is surrounded Kobani on two or three fronts, and they want to advance, "he has said.

"The people of Kobani is a heroic people and never accept to submit to the enemy," said the commander of the PKK, before calling the people of Kurdistan to actively support the resistance Kobani.

There are more than two months, the last onslaught of jihadists had been broken in the same region facing the Kurdish fighters. A wave of attacks was launched in early March by three axes to invade Kurdish regions. Hundreds of members EIIL supported including Turkey and the Gulf monarchies, were killed between early March and early May.

The international community said to be very worried about the rise of the jihadists in Iraq, but the Syrian Kurds fighting for nearly two years EIIL, in total silence and complicity of Western countries.

The jihadists have taken a large area in Iraq only a few days, but they were unable to move an inch in Syrian Kurdistan. Instead, they were expelled from many cities.

Today as yesterday, the Kurdish fighters are the only force that stopped the advance of the EIIL and the other radical groups.

- See more at: http://www.actukurde.fr/actualites/659/kurdistan-syrien-les-djihadistes-subissent-de-lourdes-pertes.html#sthash.Mv5MKNQU.dpuf

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