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Moment, the reality of recent Réunion zapatiste

Moment, the reality of recent Réunion zapatiste

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

June 2014.

At the Sixth Mexico and around the world

Compañeros and compañeras of the Sixth Mexico and the world,
Sisters and brothers of Mexico and the world,

Here is an account of a meeting in La Realidad Zapatista there a few days.

About Zapatista compañeros La Realidad: if the three levels of capitalist government destroyed our school and independent clinical and our water line is to try to end the Zapatista struggle.

Them and they do not forget that when the first Aguascalientes was destroyed, women and men Zapatistas have built five new ones.

They do not forget that when, in 1998, houses were destroyed simple autonomous authorities MAREZ, Municipios Autónomos Rebeldes Zapatistas (autonomous municipalities Zapatista rebels), Common Land and Freedom, by the "Croquettes" Roberto Albores [1 ], which destroyed the home of the autonomous municipality of Ricardo Flores Magon, the Caracol of La Garrucha, when he was governor of Chiapas poor, poor by the fault of bad governments.

But the autonomous municipalities continue on their way and are stronger today.

They do not forget that we, the Zapatistas have said, with or without the law we achieve autonomy, because it is part of indigenous rights and culture.

It is clear that all political parties, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, have tried to bury us, believing that thus the seed will not germinate. Or, on the contrary, it has increased. Just observe the facts and practice Zapatista villages where the people decide, and the government obeys.

The compañeros of EZLN support bases say they will build their school and their clinic with what nature provides.

Then I rise to say the compañeros of La Realidad: let me write to the compass of the Sixth Mexico and the world.

To make me understand compañeros, I tell them: If we cut down trees, and palms to the roof, they will accuse us of destroying nature as capitalist governments say they protect it.

And then I asked myself: but what makes you say such a thing?

Begins the list of cases where logging companies cut down trees with the authorization of the capitalist governments of Chiapas and Mexico. "Forest pirates" say the compass, but "legal" in the eyes of governments as they work together.

They buy wholesale, or trunks, they say; so some Salomón de Las Margaritas. They sell tables, planks, beams., Sellers are ejido Momón, San Francisco, Vicente Guerrero, Victoria, Pachan, ejido Tabasco, all located in the municipality of Las Margaritas. And San Miguel, Ocosingo is Carmen potato itself Ocosingo. And so on across Chiapas.

Seeking to calm the discussion I brought arguing that capitalist governments accuse us of destroying nature, I say to compañeros and compañeras that the solution would be that I write to the compass of the Sixth Mexico and the world, because they are organized and they can find the money for the purchase of materials.

And support bases meet me in truth it does not solve anything: it's good, comrade, you write them and we will see that the comrades can get.

And I tell them:

- How much money do we need for these buildings?

- No idea!

Another said:

- Well, bring a calculator and we will know.

And calculator arrives.

And mathematics beginning, but the comparison says:

- Vaaaleeeee! This crap does not stack!

Meanwhile, I see a little old now counting on fingers of both hands, and I listen to what he mumbles:

A quarter and a geme, etc..

And suddenly he looks at me:

- That's it, comparison, he said.

- How so?

- Well, I give you the details: for a 2-storey building 19 meters by 7 meters wide - 19 × 7 if you prefer - it takes: 2000 blocks, 50 medium-sized metal rods, 400 3-inch, 60 bags hydraulic lime, cement 520, 100 pounds of wire rope, wire 400, and 84 plates of galvanized sheet 3 meters long.

A comparison occurs:

- Why do not we just give the total budget for the two-story buildings?

- Okay, one said.

And concert Agreed!

Total 200,209: two one hundred thousand two hundred and nine pesos.

The ground floor will be for school children, and up to the clinic. To make best use of the land.

That is only for construction. It will still have the equipment health thermometer, sphygmomanometer, otoscope, etc., and then drugs..

The meeting ends.

Here is what I tell you, the compass Sexta:

"See if you can raise the money. "

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés
Mexico, June 2014.
20 year war against oblivion.

Translated by H.G.

Source of original text:
Enlace Zapatista

[1] Albores Guillén, nicknamed "Croquettes" (dog food), member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and appointed as Governor of Chiapas from 1998 to 2000. He tried in vain to end the Zapatista autonomous municipalities in fomenting number of paramilitary groups and major roadworks (note "the way of the jaguar").

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